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Directly embed SemwidgED into your website

If you want to try out SemwidgED in your own website, you can directly embed the version that is hosted on our server. Please note that we are updating this version at irregular intervals. Therefore, in the future, the editor might not work as expected anymore. If you are planning to use SemwidgED in a productive environment, please download it and host it on your own server.

How to embed:

Add the JavaScript files for jQuery and CKEditor to your website (other jQuery versions should be fine, too):

<script src=""></script>
<script src=""></script>

Create an HTML textarea element that should contain the editor:

<textarea id="SemwidgED" name="SemwidgED"></textarea>

Tell the editor to use this textarea element and load the SemwidgED plug-in and its dependencies:

<script type="text/javascript">
     CKEDITOR.replace('SemwidgED', {
          extraPlugins: 'widget,lineutils,semwidg',
          extraAllowedContent: '*[data-*]',
          height: 570 + 'px'

Complete: CKEditor + SemwidgED Plug-In

This package contains CKEditor with all required dependencies and the pre-installed SemwidgED plug-in. Simply extract this package to your server and follow the above instructions to embed the editor into your website. Customize the path to the ckeditor.js file, so it fits the path to the file on your server.

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Minimal: SemwidgED Plug-In

If you are already using CKEditor (v4.5.x or higher), you can download the separate SemwidgEd plug-in and extract it to your editors "plugins" folder. The SemwidgED requires the CKEditor plug-ins "widget" and "lineutils" (these might require additional plug-ins, depending on the CKEditor version). These plug-ins can be downloaded at the CKEditor Add-ons section.

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